Secure, Monitor, and Optimize Spend of Your Complex
Multi-Cloud Environments.

Cloud Security Posture Management and Spend Analysis for Government

CloudMIXR empowers you to monitor every aspect of your multi-cloud environment. Want to track your cloud spend across hyper-scalers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud? No problem. Need to visualize and track potential threats including those from cloud infrastructure, system users, and outside influencers? We have you covered. MIXR can streamline your ability to maintain cloud spend, compliance and security.

What is

CloudMIXR is a revolutionary analytics framework specifically designed for cloud security, configuration, and vulnerability monitoring. The CloudMIXR platform allows you to continuously monitor all aspects of your multi-cloud environment for potential threats, including, but not limited to, cloud infrastructure, system users, and outside influencers. The CloudMIXR platform is delivered through an intuitive user interface that allows individual analysts and enterprise stakeholders to monitor an organization’s complete cloud risk exposure.

Benefits of Managing Your Multi-Clouds With CloudMIXR

Manage Compliance

CloudMIXR offers a variety of compliance Rule Packs, including NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, and FEDRAMP Moderate. Other rule packs are available.

Increased Security

CloudMIXR continuously analyzes configuration and security information within your cloud deployments so you have peace of mind—and know that your environment is secure and your configuration is up-to-date.

Decreased Cloud Spend

CloudMIXR collects account cost information to visualize and compare it with resource utilization, allowing you to better monitor your cloud spend based on the types of resources used within multi-cloud environments.

CloudMIXR monitors and controls multi-cloud deployments — no matter how big or complex your cloud landscape may be.


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